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3.0289 MH/s

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Safex Token Overview

1,653,545,436 - 76.9992%

Safex Tokens Converted

493,938,211 - 23.0008%

Old Coins Remaining

How is Safex Cash's total circulation calculated?

There are two sources for Safex Cash; via mining and via airdrop. Additional Safex Cash is added to supply in every block mined, based on the emission schedule set out in the bluepaper.

Holders of the old omni based Safe Exchange Coin can also receive Safex Cash through the migration blockchain migration process. For every 1 Safe Exchange Coin converted, the holder gets 1 Safex Token and 0.00232830643 Safex Cash - this is referred as the airdrop.

We keep track of these numbers in the blocks above, titled Total Mined and Total Airdropped.

The genesis block of the new Safex Blockchain created 10,000,000 Safex Cash. Half of this is allocated to the Safex Developers, and the other half is allocated to the airdrop fund.

As we can easily calculate how many Safe Exchange Coins have been converted, and how many Safex Cash has been allocated on the new blockchain, we factor this into the total supply calculation.

However, as this is a private blockchain, we can’t track the spending of the developer fund, so we must assume that 100% of this fund is in circulation (the reality is, it would be a LOT less).

Therefore, the total circulation of Safex Cash on our website is: Total Mined + Total Airdropped + 5,000,000 (Development Fund).

If you include the entire Safex Cash Airdrop supply, whether it has been allocated or not, the number would be 45,762,990 to date.

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