Safex Calculators

Dividends Calculator (Beta)

Work out your potential dividends earning with this calculator. Simply enter the amount of Safex Tokens locked in, trade volume, and how many lost tokens expected.

% Lost

Locked in The total amount of Safex Tokens you have locked in.
Trade Volume The expected trade volume in USD millions of the Safex Marketplace in a 12 month period.
Lost Tokens The expected amount of Safex Coins that do not make it over to the new blockchain (lost wallets, forgotten etc).

Airdrop Calculator (Beta)

Calculate the amount of Safex Cash you will be airdropped when you send your Safex Coins over to the new blockchain. When you send your Safex Coins over to the new blockchain you will get both Safex Tokens and Safex Cash.

Safex Coin The current name of the Safex CryptoCurrency on the Omni BTC blockchain.
Safex Token The future name for Safex Coins on the new Safex Blockchain.
USD Value The USD value is calculated based on a prediction model after 6 months of trading. Click here to learn more.
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