Mining Pools

This page gives you an overview of all known Safex Cash mining pools. For your convenience, we’ve added key statistics including pool hashrate, mining fee, and payment intervals.

A mining pool gives everyday people the opportunity to mine Safex Cash without the need for high-spec hardware. This is because multiple people “pool” their mining efforts together, to create one large miner. When the pool finds a block, its reward is equally shared out between the individual miners in proportion to how much effort they put in.

If you’re a Safex Cash mining pool operator and would like to add your pool to this list, please email

Safex Mining Pools Overview

Name Hash Rate Fee Blocks Found Total Payments Miners/Workers Payment Intervals
Safex News 993.979 KH/s 0.7% 89447 82292 40/112 2 mins
CryptoKafa 2.776 KH/s 0.5% 1604 1441 4/4 5 mins
McAfee Mining Pool 0 H/s 0.7% 1149 901 0/0 2 mins
Total known pool hashrate: 996.755 KH/s
Total network hashrate: 0 H/s
Total difference: 0 H/s
Note - Network hash rate is based on an average over time - pool hash rate is instant. There will often be a difference between the two numbers.
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